Wow, Summer is almost over…well, not “officially” until late in September.  I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks that the big stores are already putting out the Halloween candy!!!  School supplies were put out back in the middle of July…the department stores started putting out the school clothes and Fall wear in mid-July…the “end of summer” sales events are happening at my favorite department stores, this weekend being the last of 70% off with an addition 30% off…

It is time to start thinking about football, both college and professional…I’ve actually been watching more NFL football during this preseason due to so many OU football players having gone so high in the Pro-Football drafts back earlier this summer.  Of course, I’m following the OU product, Sam Bradford, but other notable stars from OU would be Adrien Peterson who has made his way into the NFL with great success…of course, I’m anxiously anticipating what will be of my Oklahoma Sooners!!!

I’m bracing myself for my new job, which I start on Monday.  I’m doing my best to embrace the situation…it feels so weird going into a new office environment.  I do get the impression that this firm is excited about me coming on board…I’m anxious about living up to their expectations…while on the other hand, I know good and well I’ll be able to handle the work…it will be a lot different I know, but I’m keying towards a “good” different.

I’ll get to still make luncheon plans with my former lunch buddy since I’ll be in downtown Tulsa again…it’s just the beginning of a new chapter in my life…life marches on and I’m back on-board.

I’m trying to decide which walking training group I’m going to join this Fall…the session starts this next week…I am going to make myself stay in the groove and get back on track with my health and exercise.  I don’t know if I’ll do the Tulsa Run as a whole, but there is a 5k timed run/walk available that I could sign up for…I’m just not in a good place in my training…with the race at the end of October, I would really have to step it up and bust my ample ass…not a bad thing, but good grief, can I whip this old, chunky body into good enough shape to finish in a timely manner?

Naughty and nasty…I’ve enjoyed a good session every now and then…just haven’t had my head (or pussy) in the game lately…the older I get, the more difficult it is to separate myself from what is going on in my “real” world to what is happening in my imagination, as well as helping make sexual fantasies come/cum true.  I’m getting back to a good place in my sexual thoughts…just not back up to the full throttle I once exhibited.

Time for another cup of coffee and start on a couple of projects I’ve got going this weekend…it is the last Saturday of August and my “stay-cation!”

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