Friday…Not Just ANY Friday…

Looking at the calendar last night, I realized, today is the last Friday of the month of August of the Summer of 2010. Today is also the last Friday of my “Stay-cation”…i.e. unemployment hiatus from the work world.

I would like to say it’s been a great 30-days off from the work world…but the reality is that it’s been kind of scary, kind of depressing…I’ve learned a lot about myself…I’ve accomplished quite a bit in 30-days…I’ve worked through some emotional issues…I learned who my REAL friends are and who I should have seen through long ago…now, now it’s time to move forward…

The heat wave of summer snapped this week…the cool Fall like temperatures at night and in the morning have been most welcome. It’s only 56 degrees this morning!!!

I’m going to enjoy this last Friday of my stay-cation…I’ve got a few things I want to get done over the weekend…then it’s up and at it bright and early Monday morning…

Time for another cup of coffee…

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