Busy Thursday…

I am LOVING this cooler weather.  I stayed out all day yesterday getting the yard work done, then cleaned all the gutters around the house…the pine tree needles were taking over the northeast corner of my roof and guttering…swept up the leaves and more pine needles on my patio…I gave myself quite a work-out by the time I stopped to come in and shower before Big Brother 12 started at 7:00 p.m.

I’m a little sore this morning…but it’s that good kind of sore where you know you worked hard and pushed your body to get things done.

I’ve kicked into full busy mode…time to get as much done on my project list before heading back into the office on Monday.  I wouldn’t say that I’m necessarily relieved I made a decision about going back to work in a law office…it simply was a decision that had to be made and the reality that I can’t pay bills while I’m on unemployment benefits…so, time to get back into the rat race.

I will admit, getting back into a routine will be good for me to…all this “leisure” time during my “stay-cation”…is driving me nuts!!!  I’ve kept pretty busy jumping through all the hoops getting forms filled out and applying for jobs, unemployment benefits and such on-line…that’s the beauty of things these days, everything can be done on the computer, at home, while you sit and sip on your coffee!!

I talked to the co-worker-from-hell last night…yes, I’ve actually stayed in contact with her…hey, how am I supposed to find out all the former office gossip?  It’s always great to hear about it and what’s going on…but more than that, I’ve stayed in contact with her because we more or less buried the hatchet before I left.  Her parents and step-parents are all about the same age as my parents were…they are all in ill-health and since her sister over-dosed a few years back, she’s the only child now and it has been dumped on her to take care of these folks…mostly by long distance as both parents and their spouses live a couple of days away in opposite directions…her mother has Alzheimer’s and that in and of itself is a horrible deal.

So, I befriended the co-worker-from-hell before I left…I feel so bad for her and her parent situation…I keep in touch with her to let her know that even though we had our differences, I appreciate her friendship.  She just got back from visiting her mother again last week and basically, made herself sick over the visit.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have your own mother not know who you are…so, after she told me about her mother, we talked about me having made a decision and going back to work next week.  She’s been keeping a low profile at the office more out of fear of loosing her job, which I assured her, if she hasn’t lost her job by now, she won’t be loosing her job.  I can’t say that I blame her…the folks that I thought were my friends, were really my enemies…my cube-mate has been keeping a lower profile…with me gone, she’s much more out there and I’m sure her bad habits are more blatant than ever…coupled with having the younger gal sitting next to her…I’m sure her life is a little more scrutinized…anyway, it was good to get caught up on things.  I assured her I was better off and that I would be making more money at the new job…the raise I didn’t get back in April when I was put on employment probation.

Today, I’ve got a myriad of things to get done before settling down this evening to watch the double-eviction Big Brother episode tonight.

I’m looking forward to a session I have scheduled later this morning…I’m looking forward to having my pussy licked and tended to…of course, after I’ve shaved it all nice and smooth…which reminds me, I need to get back with a couple of my regular guys and see if they want to come/cum by for a visit this weekend…

So much to do, so little time to get it all done!!!

Time for another cup of coffee before getting busy!!!!

One thought on “Busy Thursday…

  1. Hey glad you got job!! It may not be exactly what you’re looking for right now but at least it’s in a field you know and hopefully with benefits and such to boot. I would imagine that healthcare down there without a job is a full time concern.

    Anyhoo congrats and hope it all works out for you.

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