A Cold Front Is Coming…A Cold Front Is Comping!!!!

I woke up to cloudy skies here in Ttown this morning.  Upon taking my little dogs out for their first morning pee, we were greeted with much cooler breezes from the east, northeast…such a nice feeling to not be hit with a blast of more hot air…the average temperatures here in the morning have been around 80…and higher some mornings…

This morning, looks like the temperature is starting to fall a bit…hopefully, it will come down a little more as this front moves on through during the day.  Who knows, maybe a little rain will happen!!!

I’ve got an interview this afternoon at 1:30 p.m. with a housecleaning company.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I decided to not respond to the second “firm” offer from the law office…I may be sending the attorney an e-mail later today if the housecleaning is so far off what I need to cover my big bills…but, hey one never knows unless she puts herself out there.

I’ve missed my mom and dad terribly throughout this ordeal.  Just having someone to bounce things off of…coupled with the voices of reason…now, I’m on my own.  Oh sure, I’ve got my brother and sister who were appalled that I didn’t jump on last week’s “firm” offer.

Ultimately, it is a decision that only I can make…and make it for myself, not for everyone else.

I’m hoping to hear from the foundation that provides funds for people that are out of work to get their expensive medications for free.  I mailed the 5-page application in on Friday after my doctor finally signed off on the prescription form.  I’m hoping that I will be approved just as I use the last dose I have next week…I skipped a week so I could make it last a week longer in hopes of either having a job with health insurance or being approved by the foundation.  I’ve got to go back and reread my information to make sure I’m on top of things.

Time for another cup of coffee and to get things organized for the day…

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