Moving Into Monday…

Here I sit, entering Week 4 of my unemployment “vacation.” I’m checking my e-mail and contemplating the day ahead. I’m at another decision making crossroads…the firm job offer of last week has returned for one last chance…do I take it and go with the “for sure” thing? Or, do I make a complete and total change in my life and go in the direction I’ve been aching to try for almost 4-years?

I’ve always gone with the “for sure” situation…the “for sure” paycheck at the “for sure” salary and benefits package…is that really what I want this time?

My feeling, it’s now or never with the direction I want to go in…if I don’t do it right now, I’m not going to physically be able to do it in 5 or 10-years.

The voices of reason coming from family and friends are great…I need that to help me make the right decision for myself…in all honesty, this last “termination” has made me really stop and think about whether or not I want to put myself back into that environment. It really bruised my ego…not to mention made me reflect on the jobs I’ve held over the past 25-years in the legal profession.

This is about me and what I want…not what everyone else wants for me!!! You know, I can’t help but think, this is the time to make the move…this is it!!!

I’ve got some naughty, nasty possibilities this week…I don’t know if they will pan out as the two men involved don’t seem to be at the point where they are ready to actually experience what they’ve been fantasizing about…it always amuses me to see a man struggle with his sexual desires!!!

Time for another cup of coffee and to tackle one of the many projects I have going on today.

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