Sunday Reflections (8-22-2010)…

August seems like an interminably long month…I’m attributing this feeling to the fact that I’m heading into my 4th week of unemployment AND the continuing heat of Summer…

This has been a week of ups and downs for me…I got a firm job offer on Tuesday, which I turned down…I interviewed at another firm I liked a lot better but that job didn’t pan out due to the hiring attorney not being ready to admit defeat on a current situation…I had gotten word through another friend at an Oil & Gas company that currently is hiring for a legal secretary position…I had a telephone interview earlier in the week and had hoped to be called back for a “live and in person” interview but never received that call. So, I’m left a little bit short this week on job expectations…while I could have made the one job offer work, it wasn’t the stellar job I really wanted…I think I need to stop looking at a job as somewhere I can see myself working until I retire into my late 60s and maybe even 70s…maybe I should drastically shorten my employment expectations to seeing myself work at a job for about 5-years and then moving on…I really don’t want to go back into the legal office environment but I’ve got to pay the bills…I don’t know if I can really afford to take a major cut in monthly salary to go and do what I really want to do…so, I’m giving all of that more serious thought and consideration…the thing is, I can’t do both, I can’t go back to work in a law office environment AND dabble in the other line of work because they occur through the work week day…so, I will have to make a choice.

I’ve gotten quite a few projects around the house done…I’ve started on a couple of others that I seem to have lost interest in…I need to get them done and out of the way…

It is unfortunate that my “hobby” is so unpredictable and so unreliable…but I also know, folks have cut way back on their entertainment budget, so the “hobby” is what I call a victim of the current slumping economy.  I’ve never considered my “hobby” as a viable alternative to a real job, in the real world…it is what it is, a hobby.  If I have to do it for a living, I don’t think I would enjoy it any more.  I do have my loyal hobbyists…which keep me engaged.  I enjoy these few that desire to session with me on a monthly basis…they are such treasures which allow that kinky part of my being to come out and play once in a while.

It looks like there will be a little respite this week with a chance of rain as a “cold” front moves through about Tuesday…cooling things off to a high of 89 on Tuesday…but then the temps will be climbing up, up, up to finish off August.

Have a good week ahead…

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