Impure Thoughts…

I keep having thoughts of bending a guy over some sort of device that allows his cock and balls to hang free but gives me complete and total access to his asshole…sometimes the hands and feet are securely bound so there is no interference and I am free to do as I want…(is there any other way?????  =))!)!!!

This scene takes on various twists and turns in that sometimes I am able to adjust the height so I can fuck this “helpless” man with my strap-on dildo…I take my time playing with his cock and balls, which again, the man is unable to do anything but be the object of my attention and torture…

I do take great pleasure in taking my time, lubing up the man’s asshole…inserting a surgical-gloved finger into his tight, spasmsing hole…inserting first one finger, then two…always using more and more lubricant…then three fingers…spreading him wider, allowing his muscles to contract and relax…

I instruct my “victim” to breathe…then squeeze my fingers as hard as he can, then relax…working yet another finger (four fingers, now)…how far should I go???? Shall I see if I can insert my whole had?  A little fisting???  WOW!!!!

Okay, so, sometimes I get my whole hand into the guy’s manpussy…sometimes I stop at a couple of fingers and switch to using my various sizes of butt plus and dildos…just depends on the mood I’m in and how far I want this “taking” to go…

I am fascinated how one man can remain erect during this conversion process and some couldn’t remain hard if his life depended on it!!!!

Yes, I’m having impure thoughts of late…

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