It’s Friday!!!

If I didn’t get the newspaper on the weekends and actually watch the local news once a day, I probably wouldn’t know it was Friday.  It’s Friday…the end of another week of my vacation from the work force.

Yesterday was filled with getting things done on the to-do list.  I read where Southern Agriculture does dog and cat vaccinations at a dramatically reduced rate on “clinic” days…which the closet store near me had a clinic yesterday afternoon.  So, I hauled my little dogs, which the two dogs come to 19-lbs.  We got all their shots and a doggy treat for half the price of just one dog at the vet.  I was pretty tickled with myself…now my “boyz” are street legal…not that they get to go out in the street or on the street…nevertheless, they have their rabies tags.  I’m thinking I will haul the cat over there next week and get her shots…

I’ve about got all my forms filled out to send off to the drug company to see if I qualify for free arthritis medication.  I took the form by for the doctor to sign off on yesterday afternoon…they will call me when it’s ready and I’ll go by and get it and then get all the forms in the packet mailed off.

Other than maybe attempting some yard work later today…not much going on.  I didn’t get any calls yesterday to come and interview or with a job offer.  It felt pretty weird since I seemed to be on a roll on Wednesday…I’m hopeful that I’ll hear from one or both of the other two offices…this unemployment situation as definitely been a lesson in patience.  I thought I would be regretting my decision to turn down the firm offer from Tuesday…but I don’t.

I did get a little pissy last night when I received an e-mail from a guy that I had a brief e-mail exchange with back around July 25th.  He asked me to send a face pic…I did, then I didn’t hear anything back from him…so, my guess my face pic scared him off.  Last night, I got a note from him that said he had been away from the computer for the past week but was back and was hoping to catch me on the YIM.

Seriously?  He thought it had only been a week since we last e-mailed?  Surely he doesn’t think I’m that stupid…or desperate?  The reality, I lost complete interest when I didn’t hear back from him within 24-hours…you snooze, you loose as far as I’m concerned.  I sent him a note back pointing out that I didn’t realize a week lasted 3-weeks now and that thanks, but I’m no longer interested.  Seriously, who sends a note 3-weeks later he’s been gone a week and let’s pick up where we left off??????

Well, time for another cup of coffee and to embrace the day ahead…it’s supposed to be another scorcher before the possibility of storms move in later this evening…have a great Friday and an even better weekend!!!

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