Weighing All My Options…

I find myself having passed up one opportunity and hoping for a couple of others to fully open up to me…I feel so much better having made a decision and sticking to it. I’m not one that flip-flops once I made a decision…

So, here I am, hoping for the best in light of my decision to decline the firm job offer. While I could see myself working in that office, I wasn’t convinced it was what I really want…in other words, I would have made do. I don’t want to simply “settle” for a job. I’m sure my tune will change if I’m still looking for a job in six months…but, this is only week three of my unemployment adventure. I want to explore and weigh-out ALL of my options.

I will admit, I’ve always gone with the safe and for-sure path…this is stepping out of the comfort zone once again, going for what “I” want and not what is expected of me or decided for me…I’m not a “job jumper” so I want my next work home to be one that I choose for ME!!!!

I’m relieved that I made a decision on the offer and am now bracing myself for what will open up before me…I can honestly say, I’m really starting to relax in my own skin…yes, I’m weighing out the options…

One thought on “Weighing All My Options…

  1. I really admire the paitence that you have shown in your situation. I must admit that given the same events I would probably be jumping to the first decent job offer that came my way.

    Good for sticking to your guns and taking the time to really decide what is important in your life at this crossroads.

    Good luck in what ever you decide.

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