Wednesday – Hump Day!!!

What a beautiful Hump Day it is!!!!  The temps are down to 73…the sky is cloudy, which I’m sure once the sun is up and turned on full-blast, will burn off…but right now, it’s so decidedly different than the 80+ degrees we’ve been starting the mornings out at, that it is a welcome respite.  I will tell you, I’m not a Fall season fan but right now, I’m ready for cooler temps.

Yesterday ended up a rather hectic day.  I got a job offer yesterday morning that I’m still mulling over.  I’ve got another job interview this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. with a 20-lawyer firm…and then, I’ll have to make a decision and commit.

What shook me up yesterday was the job offer I did get wanted me to commit yesterday and start work tomorrow (Thursday).  I had interviewed at this particular firm last Friday…I really didn’t think I would hear from them about a job offer until later this week, but I was thrilled…thrilled until I heard the part about starting on Thursday, which is tomorrow!

I’m not complaining, just hadn’t thought there would be such a quick entry into the job.  I can see myself working at this particular firm…however, I want to see what this other firm which is a little larger feels like…I don’t want to discount any of my possibilities.  I may be playing with fire and end up with no jobs, but when I talked to the attorney I would be working for yesterday late afternoon, I told him, I need 24-hours to think about this, that I wasn’t taking this offer for granted and wanted to sleep on it.  I also told him that I don’t think I could start work for him until the following Monday if I decided to go with his offer.  He understood and said he looked forward to hearing from me later today.

I will tell you, I haven’t utilized my “vacation” time very well…I’m just this week starting to feel like myself and get my thoughts straightened out after the termination fiasco.  However, I know I need a job and can’t live with the uncertainty of whether or not I’ll find a job in the right time-frame.  I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid!!!!

So, I’m gearing up for my next job interview this afternoon…actually, I’m looking forward to this interview.  I used to work with the attorney that called me and asked me to come in and interview this afternoon.  He was at my former firm for a couple of years, in the same group that I worked in and I really liked the guy.  He decided the firm wasn’t for him and made a bold move, taking his clients with him, which really pissed off some of the former firm’s shareholders.  The thing is, if the clients want a specific attorney to handle their work, they’re (the clients) are going to follow that attorney where-ever he goes!  This particular attorney is also a neighbor of mine, lives just around the block on the next street.  He’s a dear man and I really enjoyed working with him.  I hated to see him go.

Imagine my surprise when I e-mailed him and asked him if I could use him as a business reference that I was leaving the firm.  He said he was happy to be a business reference and asked if I had gotten fed-up with things and decided to make a move.  I told him no, that wasn’t the case…I was being terminated.  He said that was ridiculous but that I would be better off.  Funny, but he wasn’t surprised I was leaving, just surprised I was being terminated.  Anyway, he’s a great guy, I would enjoy working with him again…we’ll see, it’s only an interview this afternoon…hopefully a job offer, but who knows.

I’ve been working on a project for a dear family friend.  You could say that I’m in Avon Hell right along with him.  His dear wife of 68-years died back in February and left behind a house full of Avon.  Every closet he gets into, every bed he looks under…Avon products are EVERYWHERE!!!!  He had no idea how deep into Avon his dear wife was…now he does!!!  I can’t even imagine how overwhelmed he is…I know how overwhelmed I’ve been when I’ve gone over to see him.  I suggested he make an inventory of EVERYTHING…and then I would take that inventory and start researching on the internet how much some of the Avon is worth.

Let’s just say, this project has barely begun and thus far, he’s inventoried 11 handwritten pages!!!  I’m making a separate chart for research purposes which should help him get a better idea of what he has.  I can’t get over what my research has uncovered…let’s just say he would have readily gotten rid of all of it for $300 a month or so ago…now, well, just 2-pages revealed items worth way more than $300…we’re talking into the thousands of dollars.  Of course, we both agreed this is only if someone will want and pay for an item.

I’m having fun, research is one of my fortes’, so this is something I am enjoying…not to mention it’s blowing me away with what all our dear friend had horded, for lack of what else to call it…our dear friend was an “Avon Horder!!!”

Time for another cup of coffee…have a great Hump Day!!!  Bet you thought this was going to be all about “humping” on Hump Day, didn’t ya?????? lol!!!!!

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