What To Do Tuesday…

There was a hint of rain when I got up this morning…but it looks like it’s all going to the North and east…there’s a nice breeze blowing making it much more tolerable to be out on the patio.  The grass has pretty much burned up and I’m not going to drive my water bill up watering to green it all up again…I have a feeling the bill will be up due to running the washing machine so much the first two weeks of my permanent vacation…I certainly don’t need to make it any higher by running the yard sprinkler for hours on end.  Simply isn’t in the budget and as long as the temps are going to climb since we’re only half-way through August.

I got two more calls besides the one office that I interviewed with last Friday…that’s encouraging, as well as opening up a couple of more opportunities.  I am hoping to set up an interview with one or both by the end of this week…can’t believe it’s only Tuesday…since I have no schedule to abide by, I’ve kind of lost track of time…and then when I do think about what day and time it is, I feel it is creeping by…what to do with myself, what to do…I am a little bit anxious as the one job prospect was making it a point to call the former head of the group I worked in yesterday.  I think he would still give me a good recommendation/reference…but then, who knows…I’ll always harbor that doubt about those folks…

Needless to say, everything I put off yesterday will need to get done today…or tomorrow…or…my procrastination skills are becoming quite sharp…why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?  I gave some thought to getting back to making lists yesterday…I need to start making lists and maybe then, the motivation will come to get things done…I think even my little dogs are wondering about me. Though I know they will only really start to worry when there’s no doggy food in their bowls…

I’m hoping we’ll get some rain…it will go with my mood…clear to partly cloudy…time for another cup of coffee and to contemplate what direction to go today…

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