Monday, Monday…

A cool front has blown through making the temps so much more bearable!!! There’s even some high clouds that are keeping the sun from raising the temps back into the triple digits…this is the kind of summer I could really enjoy!!!

I can’t get over how late I’m sleeping in the mornings…I’m not staying up any later than I used to when I was working…but, I guess not having to get up and be somewhere at any specific time has got me lulled into a more relaxed state in my slumber. I do wake up at 5:30 a.m. only for a bathroom break and then right back into the bed…I think I might actually be slowing down and maybe…just maybe, adjusting to relaxing????? Surely not!!!

I heard from the attorney I interviewed with on Friday. He’s keeping me “updated” on where “we’re” at on the job issue…honestly, I have VERY mixed emotions about this job…not that he’s made me an offer but the voicemail reflected a genuine interest on his part…can I afford to turn this job down and follow the direction I want to go??? Will I ever be able to shuck off the financial need to go the for sure route and not take the chance that I might really find myself going in the other direction…these are the kind of struggles I’m dealing with on this unemployment vacation.

I’m getting more and more done around the house…picking at things, sorting through all manners of things, throwing things away…I am hoping that I’ll get myself more organized on the important papers front…I’ve got to learn to let go of things…and I am, slowly but surely.

I’ve got to get to the doctor’s office sometime today and have the doctor sign off on the prescription form of my arthritis medicine…then I’ll be able to get that sent off to see if I’m eligible for a year’s worth of medication…or until I have health insurance that will pay for my medication.

Another leisurely Monday…

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