Sunday Reflections (8-15-2010)

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted…I just haven’t felt like sharing what’s going on with me, my life…I haven’t felt like much of anything lately.  I call it one of the cycles of where I find myself in my current unemployment status.

I’ve been “officially” unemployed now for 2-weeks, I’m entering my 3rd week.  I’ve applied for unemployment benefits, that’s all still “in” the works.  I did have to call-in and talk to an actual real person as the online system wouldn’t accept my first reporting.  I think it’s all straightened out and everything goes through as I was told it would, I should receive my first benefit “debit” card this week…I do know that if I needed money right now, I would be up shit creek without a paddle…

The “vacation pay” check I was supposed to receive this past Friday did not arrive.  It seems the new chief financial guy at the firm messed that up, so it will be 8-20-2010 before a check for my vacation pay will be issued.  Good thing I cashed my 401k out and am using that money to pay bills and get by…but that will only last another couple of months…I’m concerned but not overly so…surely, I will figure out what to do with myself and get back into some sort of grid/schedule.

I’ve enjoyed being able to session during the work week day…though I’ve only had two clients take advantage of the current situation.  The economy really sucks right now and folks have cut way back on their “entertainment” budget!!!

I did make myself go to a movie and dinner with a friend, Friday night…and then met a friend and her daughter for lunch yesterday.  I still don’t feel very social but I’m getting there…I’m still trying to work through my personal issues with how I was forced to leave my last employ.

I had another job interview this past Friday…a small 10-lawyer firm, nice folks, very quiet office…I can’t really see myself working there but I think I made a good impression and will see if I’m offered a position come Monday or Tuesday of this week.  I don’t know if I will take the job…I’m really wanting to look into going in an entirely different direction than the legal profession.  Crazy as it may sound, I just don’t feel I belong in an office environment right now.  I want to venture forth and explore/experience something else…so, I’m looking into that other possibility.

I’ve yet to finish my bedroom painting/texturing pr0ject.  I just can’t get motivated to finish up the last corner…I need to deep clean the carpet in my living room…it’s just too gross and there doesn’t seem to be a possibility of redoing that floor any time soon.

I’m starting to relax a bit, though I thoroughly miss having a set “schedule” on a work week daily basis.  I want to be motivated but just can’t quite get there…it won’t last long, it never does but while I’m in the middle of this funk, I can barely function…I have so many things I want to do, want to start and get done but I just haven’t tapped into the get-up-and-go of it.

I’ll be fine, I always pull through…this won’t be any different, just figuring out what I want to be when I grow up is the problem.

I’ve been diligent in my pursuit of finding funding/benefits for various things in my life.  My arthritis medication has been the biggest concern I have had having lost my health insurance coverage.  The health insurance covered my arthritis medication injections.  If I had to pay for the injections they would cost approximately $400 each…on my insurance, coupled with the drug company benefits, I only had to pay $20 a month.  Now, I have nothing.  So, I printed off the 5-pages of forms to fill out and talked to one of the representatives at the Foundation that offers programs to assist or completely pay for the drugs and will get that off tomorrow (Monday) to see if I qualify.  I didn’t do my injection this past week in hopes of prolonging the doses I currently have, which are three doses…I’m hoping I can manage without too much pain until I get word if I’ve been approved.  Help is out there, you just have to jump through all of the hoops, fill out the forms, be diligent in doing what has to be done…it is rather daunting to say the least.

I’m hanging in here…what choice do I have?  I’ll be fine, just working through it all and trying to keep my head above water!!! We’re having a brief break in the excruciating heat of this August…partly cloudy and occasion rain today…temps are down around 80 degrees and only expected to get up in the 90s today instead of triple digits.

Have a good week ahead!!!

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