Wicked Wednesday…

Wicked, as in wickedly hot temperature wise!!! Another scorching day ahead…however, it’s nice and cool inside of my house.

I had a fabulous session last night. I disciplined the “naughty” boy by spanking his bottom, making his play with himself while I watched…then bending him over and fucking him in the ass like the little slut that he desired to be.

I made him lick my pussy like I like it licked…when he would get too rough I would swat his hard, bobbing cock with my hand instructing him to approach his licking with a more feathery tongue…some have to be told repeatedly of their transgression of licking my clit too hard.

I had a great orgasm…the release it provided was fantastic…and just as I was in the throes of the electric currents of this orgasm, the naughty boy asked if he could suck my big toe…well, that sent me into more waves of the orgasm…It was amazing how electric it was having him suck my toe while I enjoyed wave after wave of pleasure!!!

I laid there until the waves subsided and then got right to playing with his hard cock…I love taking a hard piece of cock-meat and playing with it until there is no turning back…though I do seem to know exactly when to stop, when to ease up and back off…nothing like taking the naughty boy there over and over again until I decide it is time for him to give up his load…and give up his load he did!!!!

A pleasing session…which only makes me crave more…and more I will get when I turn to session my dear subbie on Thursday morning!!!

As for Wicked Wednesday…I’m determined to finish putting the top coat on my textured walls…finishing up what texturing I have left to do and letting it set before putting the top coat on it…then putting everything back in its place…it already looks amazingly different…so soothing and relaxing.

Time for another cup of coffee and tackle the day!! Stay cool and safe in this heat!!!

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