In The Home Stretch…

I managed to get up and get out of bed…though I rather like lounging about in the mornings…I’ll get to do that soon enough.  I’m trying to decide if I want to take Friday off and just skip all the crap and crud of the pink slip ceremony.  I may go and talk to the HR today or tomorrow and see how we’re going to conclude business on the day that I leave.

My bedroom project is close to being done.  I need to put the finishing touches on two walls and then I’m done and can start moving furniture back in place.

It was much cooler this morning but it doesn’t look like it rained here at my house…the cool front finally pushed through but pretty much fell apart moving through Tulsa.  Then it regrouped and headed south/southwest…

Time to grab some breakfast and hit the shower…have a great Monday ahead, I plan on just getting through the work day.  Today will be five days before termination…in the home stretch to unemployment!!!

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