Monday Of A Short Work Week…

‘m simply not inspired to get up and around early in the mornings like I once was…wonder why??? Just kidding, we all know the “why” by now…the beauty of today is that it will be Monday of a short work week for me. I’m taking Thursday and Friday off, Thursday will be to get one of my doctor’s appointments done before I have no health insurance as of my termination date. I was hoping my insurance coverage would last 30-days past termination date, but it ends on termination date.

I will spend Thursday and Friday finishing up my painting and faux finishing technique, which is turning out even better than I envisioned it would!!! I was able to get the burgundy “big” wall done yesterday in my pale green base coat and start on the Venetian Plaster texture which is tinted a little darker green…it looks spectacular!!!

My legs are sore from going up and down the ladder hundreds of times…it was a GOOD workout that might send me to yoga class tonight…my hands are sore from gripping the ladder and working the painting trowels and putty knives…

I am thankful that the clean-up is quick and easy…I have found that the paint and texture material cleans up with really hot water and a little scrubbing. I’m a clean freak so I have to stop every now and then and clean everything up, even using latex gloves to keep the paint and texture from getting under my nails!!

I’m hoping to finish it all up this next weekend and get everything moved back into place…I would have liked it done sooner but I don’t think I’ll be able to work on it in the evenings…if I have the energy, I might but right now, I’m just trying to get through each work day without loosing my mind!!!

Gotta get moving along…another heat advisory is in place for most of the work week. This will make going to my walking group quite challenging but I’ve got to attend every work out until the graduation race in order to get the graduation gift…stay safe and stay cool.

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