Wednesday – Hump Day…

The prediction is for another scorcher today…the heat index yesterday got up to 111.  This made walking group a real challenge…but I managed to stay at a decent simmering temperature and did not suffer because of the heat.

I did enjoy an evening of doing nothing but watching the Final Episode of The Hills, though there was a two-hour long pre-show show and then the after show which was showed twice before midnight…now, what am I supposed to watch?

I’m aiming to do my painting on my bedroom this weekend…I’m still spackling the walls in a couple of places where I want the spackling to be good and dry, not to mention I am going to have to break out the sander…and then last night, I got to thinking, maybe I should go ahead and do a slight texture to ALL the walls…I’ve got to look at that feature and see how much extra work and product it will be to do…might was well give the walls some character with a new coat of paint!!!

I’ve got to go and help do race packets at the store that sponsors my walk group.  I have half of the credits needed to get the “graduation” gift the second week in August.  Now, I’m having to play catch-up for not being as diligent as I should have during the first two months of the program.  The requirements have also been raised from last summer’s experience, so, I’m going to dig in these last three weeks to see if I can qualify for the graduation gift.

Time to hit the shower and gear myself towards the day.

Stay cool and safe in this heat!!!

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