Back To The Grind Tuesday…

I have mixed emotions about going back to work today.  The bright side is that I’m only going to be going back to the office for another two and a half weeks…it was really nice having yesterday off.  I have a feeling I’ll enjoy next week a whole lot more because I’ll be out of the office next Thursday and Friday!!  So, next week will only be a 3-day work week for me.

I didn’t get nearly as much done on my bedroom painting project as I had wanted.  I’m still prepping the walls, making sure all the nail holes, cracks and such are properly filled and smooth to match the rest of the wall.  I’ll be doing the ceiling the same color as two of my walls so, I’m going to tackle that first, just not sure when since I’ll have to tape off the woodwork around the doors…I want everything to be done right, so I’m not rushing any part of this project.  Hopefully, I’ll start the painting in the next few evenings…and then finish it all up this coming weekend.

I’ve got walking group this evening right after work…it’s going to be a scorcher, so I’ve got to plan accordingly this morning so I’m ready for the heat when I head down to the meeting place.

Time to head to the shower…have a great Tuesday and stay cool if you can!!!

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