Vacation Monday…

I took today off to extend another weekend…I slept in this morning, easy to do when there is thunder rolling and rain falling!!!

I’m so tickled with myself that I got all my yard work done yesterday and was able to get a little bit more done on my bedroom…I’ve got all the wallpaper border down, just have to get the residue that stuck to the wall after the top layer of the border came off…once that’s done, I can finish cleaning the walls, I’ve got to spackle in a couple of places, tape off some areas and then begin painting.  I think I will go ahead and paint my ceiling, it’s pretty dull and yellowed, so while I have everything covered up, might as well tackle it.

I don’t think I’ll be able to get it all done today, but I’m going to give it a good try!!!

My new lawn mower was so easy to push, even with the grass catcher…I’m still trying not to go into a complete and total panic attack over finances and having to purchase the new mower…the longer I thought about how long I’ve had my first mower…well, it is a miracle it has lasted as long as it has!!  I try to take care of things but sometimes, there are factors outside of my control that happen.

I noticed that I’m about to have another bathroom disaster as the ring under the middle bathroom toilet seems to be leaking…this basically means I’ve got to get the toilet installed in my bathroom before pulling the toilet in the middle bathroom and getting it fixed…nothing like home ownership to keep one constantly busy and humbled!!!

No, no nasty plans for today…I had a good chuckle when one of my guys e-mailed me yesterday wanting to get together for some afternoon fun…of course, I didn’t see the e-mail until late in the evening…which by then, I was going up and down the ladder of my bedroom, with everything, including my bed covered in plastic!!!

I’m thinking that it will be in my best interest to get my bedroom done ASAP so I can do a bit of entertaining in the very near future!!!

Time to get busy…have a great Monday!!

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