Sunday Morning…

Can’t linger here long…I’ve got a myriad of projects going that I have to tackle today…I got busy prepping the walls of my bedroom for the painting project I’ve been putting off for the past 6-months…bought the paint Memorial weekend, so now, now it’s time to get the painting job done!!  I’ve got to get the new big/tall ladder into my bedroom today to finish prepping the tallest wall of my bedroom…nothing like a one-sided slanted vault ceiling room to make one appreciate having a nice, sturdy tall ladder.

The best part of stripping the wallpaper border and cleaning the walls in preparation of painting was that I got to watch “The Hills” marathon on MTV yesterday.  The FINAL episode of The Hills will air on Tuesday…the Final Season, the Final show…yep, I got hooked on that silly-assed, drama-filled series back around April when there was another marathon weekend before the Final Season started.  I’m hooked, I don’t know why but I love to watch that show and love to hate some of the crazy characters.

Not sure if the marathon continues today, but if so, I’ll be in my element by the time I get to finish-up my prep project in the bedroom.

This morning, I hit the floor running, got breakfast out of the way, getting ready to fog the patio and side of the house for when I get out and do the yard work this morning…the time-table in my mind is to get the yard work done before noon, then hit Home Depot to purchase a couple of major plastic drop clothes to cover my bed and various big furniture that I can’t move out of my bedroom for when I start painting.  I’ve got a couple of spots to repair with spackle before I start painting…amazing how many flaws and problem spots a 10-inch wallpaper border will cover!!!

I can hardly wait to see how sore I am the next couple of days from going up and down on the ladder!!!!

So, my Sunday morning is all laid out…time to get busy…more to come/cum…

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