Wednesday – Hump Day…

I had a busy Monday on a Tuesday…it was a busy day, digging out from everything that happened on Thursday and Friday. I had a brief little e-mail exchange with my paralegal about her time, which she felt since she got me her time on Wednesday, I should have been able to get entered without any trouble…it almost turned into a pissing match, as I wanted to zip off I was delayed at getting her time entered because of all the filings I had to make for her, the letters that had to be mailed out…on top of backing up the other secretary that was on vacation…on top of everything else, including two “non-working” co-workers…but what would have been the point? Does she really care?

Maybe she thought she would “report” me in a review…I wonder if she knows I’m out at the end of July? Does it really matter when and if I get the work done these days? Does everyone really think I care at this point? I mean come on, what are they going to do, fire me?????

My cube-mate will be gone today…she’s taking a personal day to get several things accomplished…her kids’ well exams are scheduled this afternoon…gotta get those in for school…she also has a small claims case this morning in another county to deal with…I am really looking forward to things being quieter in our area…

I’m still trying to figure out what 4-days I want to take off between now and the end of the month…I started laughing at myself yesterday because I could take the rest of the Fridays off between now and then…or the Mondays…or do both a Friday AND a Monday…as well as getting paid for 2-weeks vacation time when I’m terminated…crazy, huh? I simply don’t believe in taking days off unless I have to…but again, what’s the point of perfect attendance if no one else gives a shit????

Now, I’m trying to get motivated to get ready for work…funny, yesterday I was good, up and got around and was at the office in a timely manner…this morning, I could careless!!!

Such is life…it is a rather insane existence right now!!!

Have a great Hump Day…no hump plans for me…just more of the same as yesterday!!!

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