Holiday Monday…

The office is closed today, an “official” day off for the 4th of July…kind of silly to take the 5th of July off.  Honestly, I’m not one that takes a lot of time off from work, ever.  I’m one of those ever-present, perfect attendance employees.  I did my best while in school to go to class everyday and I have applied the same to going to work everyday.

I’ll have plenty of time off come July 30th…that’s when my “official” unemployment vacation begins!!!  Can you tell I’m still trying to get used to the idea?  At this juncture, I would not stay if they asked me to stay…I can’t stay at a job that someone doesn’t want me or feels that I’m competent…I’m still trying to reason through the “whys” of the past 3-months…there is no justification viable enough.

Now, trying to figure out what I will do with myself with all that time off…scary, VERY scary to someone like me that thrives on structure and discipline…I don’t like the unknown…however, I’m fixing to get a big dose of it…I keep looking around the house at all the projects I want to tackle…finding the motivation is the hardest part.

There’s more threat of rain today…I like the rain, gives me an excuse to stay indoors and get things done…but where to start?

So, today is a “holiday” Monday for me.  I’m liking that I won’t be greeted with tons of time entries to get done tomorrow…I’ll have plenty of catch-up work to get done from all the other work that was piled on me due to the one gal being gone for 2-vacation days.

Time for another cup of coffee…

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