Finally Friday!!!

I did it, I made it through another tough week at the office.  I was covered up busy yesterday…imagine that!!!  The main secretary of our group that has been at the firm and the head attorney of our group for 30-years took a couple of vacation days yesterday and today.  Yesterday, we had one of the temp gals of the firm, today, there will be only the three of us unless the now pregnant secretary doesn’t come in because of the sinus headache she had yesterday and left at 2:00 p.m.

Funny, but it doesn’t matter to me any more how many hours/days everyone else misses…doesn’t make any difference at this particular firm.  Perfect attendance is nothing to be proud of, you get slapped down regardless…I guess I don’t look business enough because I’m not on Facebook all day long or the office phone with personal phone calls…I simply don’t get this game they are all playing.  Easier to trump up false accusations on me than to get rid of one of the other gals.

If I hear how over-whelmed and covered up my cube-mate is, one more time, I’m going to fall in the floor laughing…if she would stay off the phone with her personal phone calls, stay off of Facebook and just pace herself, she would be amazed at how much more she would get done.  No need for me to dispense that advice, she’ll do herself in eventually.  I guess I should thank her for shoving me out of my job…I had really hoped to stay at this job for another 10 to 20-years but maybe this is a sign that there is something else out there for me to do until I can’t work any more or drop dead.

I had a GREAT session with my dear subbie…he is so responsive when I command him to do various nasty acts…assume nasty, humiliating positions.  I had received several e-mails from him over the past week, dear subbie sharing his thoughts on previous sessions…he had a particular interest in Mistress using her paddle that when applied correctly to the ass cheeks, puts the word BITCH in a nice glowing red on the fair ass skin!!!  The pics didn’t turn out as well as I would like, I took them with my iPhone…oh well, I enjoyed the imprint of bitch on dear subbie’s ass cheeks throughout our session.

Dear subbie was delightful and when I commanded him to eat my pussy, he did such a fine job.  I didn’t realize how “in need” of a complete body orgasm I was, until I finally fell off the cliff into wave after body shaking wave of orgasmic bliss!!!  I felt the stress of my life just break away…it was one of those incredible experiences that sneak up on me…thank you, dear subbie…Mistress needed that stress relief so badly!!!!

So, Friday takes us into a long, holiday weekend…nothing planned, pretty much of the same thing I’ve been enduring for the past couple of weekends.  I’m simply not in a good place to socialize…I feel more like hibernating, which reminds me of the times I’ve gone through a similar depression…I tend to pull back from everyone and gather myself…it will pass, it always does and come the middle of August, I’ll be back to my crazy, over-sexed self.

Time to hit the shower and get Friday underway.  I’m helping my cube-mate pull off a 40th birthday celebration for her main attorney.  I haven’t done much other than went and got the cake, the giant 4-0 balloons and a card.  I did tell her who to include in the calls and e-mails about the surprise celebration.  Her attorney’s birthday is really Sunday, a 4th of July baby, but since we won’t be in the office until Tuesday, I thought today would make it a fun day to help her start the weekend celebration.  I like the attorney, she’s a real go-getter and has an incredible client base.  I wish I could have been her secretary, I just think I would have been much more suited for her needs, but they put my cube-mate on that assignment…now, if the cube-mate can pull her head out of her ass and dig into that work, she will probably have a job at the firm until she’s my age.  But my instinct tells me my cube-mate can’t maintain a decent work decorum for that long…another couple of years, if that long and my cube-mate will be out of this firm.  I could be wrong, she might surprise me…but there’s going to come a time when someone isn’t going to want to endure the drama of that gal and out she will go!!!

Okay, I’ve lingered long enough…have a great Friday and a great weekend!!!

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