Thursday is the first day of July, over the hump day of the work week…one of my busiest work days of the work week…AND I have a naughty, nasty fun session set this evening with my dear subbie!!!

I got a good night’s sleep for once…I didn’t wake up several times in a panic or from having a bad dream…I’m sure those things will return, but I’m a bit more calm this morning…it’s just the lull before the bigger storm coming at the end of July…but that’s okay.  I know what to expect and I can gear up for things now.

I’m hopeful, but not too far out there…I’m a realist and I’m going to have to get even more pro-active in everything to make things work in my life…but now, now I am able to see a little further down the road of life.

Things seem to have calmed a bit at the office…I didn’t tell my cube-mate that I got the small firm job offer and turned it down…I figured the employment placement gal will be in touch with my cube-mate since there’s a commission that both of them lost over my decline of the offer…I’ve got to do what is best for me, not what everyone else thinks and wants for me…I’ve got to think and want it!!!!

My goal is to go in, do my job, stay out of the office drama as much as I possibly can and go home each evening knowing I did my best and it wasn’t good enough to be able to stay…I’m okay with that…those folks will never be pleased…funny, but I’m working on a very complicated and tedious project right now with my main attorney and no one blinked an eye or raised a brow that I was the secretary working on this Appellate Brief…crazy, simply crazy!!!!

Time to hit the shower and get the day moving along!!!  Can’t wait to paddle dear subbie’s ass cheeks this evening…I do love to see how hard my cock meat gets when I touch it and play with it, using it as my live sex toy!!!!

Have a great day/evening…I intend, to.

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