Wild Wednesday…

I have no idea if it will be a Wild Wednesday but it sounded good.  I’m almost giddy with anticipation as to whether or not I will be terminated today…or they will wait until Friday when the time entry deadline has passed…or, if they will wait until the middle of the month to “ax” me!!!  How exciting, how thrilling!!!!

Okay, I’m trying to keep a little humor and light-heartedness in this fiasco.

Several things have come to light the past couple of days…that’s given me a bit more insight into all that is going on…needless to say, I don’t trust anyone, any more and I am only looking out for myself and not giving a shit about my co-workers any more…well, some of my co-workers that have shown their loyalty to me, continued to support me with encouraging words…others, like my cube-mate, things have surfaced that give me strong indication that she’s been involved from the git-go…she’s simply too close the HR and the bottom-line is that she feels she’s the ONLY one working hard in our group…funny, but she spends an incredible amount of time on Facebook all day long, every day…and if she’s not on Facebook, she’s on the office phone with personal phone calls.  Amazing, simply amazing…but key things I’ve said to her in confidence, nothing truly of importance have gotten back to me that I have only said to her and well, busted!!!!

So, the drama at the office continues…I had a sadistic chuckle in that this is MY drama, which these folks have created just for me!!!!

Anyway, life/karma has a way of coming around and this gal will do herself in, if she hasn’t already…her new main attorney is a hard worker and demands full attention to detail to her work…when I’m gone, there will be no one left to pick up the pieces…no one left to cover my cube-mate’s ass when she bails early for the day…she will be fully and completely exposed.

Some other monetary factors came to light yesterday…the commissions for me taking a job that the placement gal found for me…my cube-mate referred me to this gal so she would get a commission for me taking that job…then, my cube-mate will get a commission if she finds someone to take my current position…she could make as much as $500 on me should I choose to cooperate…and the placement gal would score twice if I cooperate and take the job and then she finds a suitable replacement…isn’t it great that two other folks would make money off of my demise?????

And then, there’s the guilt factor of my main attorney and the head attorney of our group…if I take a job before they terminate me, their conscious’ won’t bother them that I’m suddenly without an income and insurance…doesn’t matter if I want the job or am right for the other job, they just want to feel better about how things have turned out and what will happen to me.

Funny, but knowing all of these things about the folks that I have worked with/for for 6-years, makes my decision to remain and be terminated that much easier.  As far as a job offer, I haven’t had any…if I do get a job offer from the small firm they all want me to take so they can cash in…I will turn it down.  It isn’t right for me and I don’t have a good feeling about it at all.  I don’t want to find myself in this same position after a 90-day new employee probation…so, no, I won’t be accepting that job offer…I’m going to ride this pony to the end and then take a much needed break for ME!!!!

It could be a Wild Wednesday…we’ll see…have a great Wednesday, I’m going to do my best!!!

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