There Is An End To the Current Insanity…

I got it, I got my termination date today from the HR.  I think she was even in disbelief at how this whole ordeal has been playing…but she managed to get the head attorney to hand it over to her to get together with me and decide on when my last day will be at this firm.

I will be “officially” terminated on Friday, July 30th!!!  I’m so relieved…I now know when the end of this chapter will come in my life and I can move forward.

I also turned down the small law office job.  I didn’t like the 30-minute phone call that made me late to the office this morning…nothing like being cajoled and basically begged to take the opportunity…this morning, I didn’t have an “official” termination date and now that I do, even more reason to pass up the job since the new job wants me to start working as soon as I’m released from my current job. I can’t do it…I won’t do it…I HAVE TO HAVE SOME TIME OUT…I HAVE TO HAVE A BREAK IN ALL THIS INSANITY BEFORE jumping back into the rat race again!!!!

I feel pretty good tonight…I feel like I’m finally going to get this chapter in my life closed…I’ll take the rest of the summer to gather myself and decide if I’m going back to school, doing part-time jobs until I figure out what I want to do with myself…I’m going to file my unemployment claim unless I find another job that is more appealing to me…as so many people have been telling me, as well as the office manager of the job I just turned down, the jobs are few and far between…and yes, at my age, I need to realize there are a lot of folks younger, faster and yes, even smarter out there begging for employment.  I realize and completely understand this…I’m a survivor, I’m doing this next chapter for myself…isn’t that really the only person I have to answer to at this juncture in my life?

Yes, there is an end in the current insanity in sight!!!!!

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