Hurrying Things Along…

I wish I was hurrying things along with regard to asking for an exact termination date.  Yes, I’ve already taken into consideration that I could be asked to be gone as soon as tomorrow, Friday, June 30th…which would be fine with me.  This would REALLY leave everyone in a bind.  This is what I’ve referred to as “time entry crunch” week.  And my folks are THE WORST at getting their time to me to get it entered into our billing system.

If they ask me to leave tomorrow, this would put all the other secretaries in a HUGE bind come Friday.  Kind of funny when I thought about the repercussions of it all…which honestly, at this point, I’m thinking of myself, I’m not thinking of how to make things easy for everyone else.  Believe me, this is difficult for me to do because I’ve always been someone that wants to “please” everyone.  A lot of good that’s done me!!!! So, now I’m adapting the “selfish” mindset and what’s good for me is all that matters.

Yes, it would put me in a bind financially to be terminated 2-weeks earlier than anticipated, but the up side for everyone would be that everyone can get on with their lives, especially me.

The pretense that two of the folks in our working group feel guilty about letting me go, they need to realize that they were the ones that put this ball into motion.  Accept responsibility and let’s all move on.  I don’t want to work in a place where I’m not wanted or everyone thinks my skills and abilities are severely lacking.  I will always carry that with me, they planted the seed and it has grown by leaps and bounds these past 60-days…now, that we’re in the home stretch, I give up…not completely mind you, they will have to fire me…I wondered yesterday if they were hoping I would simply quit and leave…sorry, that’s not going to happen, I need the unemployment benefits, so they will have to fire me.

I think what is making things more difficult for everyone, is the fact that I do a decent job, come in everyday and anyone else, well, I get the impression that other folks would have thrown in the towel, saving the blemish of the filing for unemployment. This is the fantasy land that the folks I work with live in…the quest for “the perfect” employee will begin again…good luck with that…I hope he/she is everything you all want and more!!!

Time to hit the shower and brace myself for yet, another day!!!
Hanging in there!!!

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