Back The The Grind Monday…

I find myself half-amused, half-dazed as this is the next to the last Monday I will be spending at this employ.  Next Monday will be a holiday and the office is closed…then the following Monday, should the firm decide to keep me through to “D” day, that will be July 12th…yes, I’m VERY aware of the calendar and the clock ticking away.

Hell, I may not last that long…I have a 9:00 a.m. meeting with the HR to chart my progress.  Not really sure what will or can be said, but I’m going to inquire about the “pink slip” ceremony, simply because I don’t like surprises.

I’m trying to keep a good attitude and good sense of humor…this might just be the best thing for me…a way to change the direction of my life.  Sounds good in theory, huh?

I love how much cooler it is this morning…the storms that rolled through during the late afternoon and evening hours, really cooled things off…not to mention now I won’t have to water anything as the yard and flowers all got a good drink of water!!  The cooler temps are supposed to prevail throughout the work week.

I need to move myself along, get the day underway.  Have as good a Monday as you can!!!

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