Sizzling Saturday…

I was so freaking tired when I woke up this morning…just trying to motivate myself to go to Sam’s and get some chicken to marinate in BBQ sauce was a major ordeal!!!

I found myself bumfuzzled over what kind of new fan to get to help my house air conditioner cool my house, gave up and came home to see if I could figure out what kind I really need.  I don’t know why but I’ve been hung up on making sure I have enough floor fans to help push the cool air from the floor vents into the rest of the room…I think the fans are helping…just one or two more aught to really improve the air circulation, thus cooling the entire room more efficiently without the air conditioner having to cycle so damned much!!!  Way too much thought process going on there, huh??????  =))

I’ve been getting caught up on my e-mails, reading blogs and such…mostly just chilling and thinking about taking a nap…then I thought a trip to Blockbuster might be in order…haven’t decided if I want to go out again…I am thinking I still need to go back to Sam’s and get one of the two fans I picked out that should work out perfectly…

Otherwise, I’ve been picking through my bills, trying to get an idea of how much I will need to live on when I become unemployed…yes, it is inevitable, I will become unemployed by the middle of July…no doubt about it…it is going to come.  So, I’m making a list, checking it twice and hoping to make some sort of sense of it all and how I will survive short of trying to find a rich man to marry and make all my financial woes go away!!! Ha!!!  We know that isn’t going to happen…so, reality check, a gal must do, what a gal must do!!!

I’ve got the laundry done, hung my clothes outside on my big tree in the backyard…I don’t know why but I’ve always loved to dry my clothes outside in the sun and wind…if things are a bit stiff from being air dried, I pop them in the dryer to soften them up…just seems more energy prudent to make use of the hot outdoors, than to heat up the house with my gas dryer.

I’m making a list of the first bunch of clothes I’m going to put up for auction on eBay.  My sister-in-law will have to tutor me some more, but I think I’m getting the hang of it all.  It would be so great to sell a bunch of my clothes and shoes and make a little bit of money this summer…I’m hopeful but cautious.

That’s it for now…I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with myself for the 4th of July…right now, just taking it easy and keeping my head clear seems to be the best laid plan.

Time to go check out the patio and see how sizzling the day has become!!!

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