I Made It Through The Work Day Friday!!!!

There was no “pink slip” ceremony today.  I made it through another Friday at the office.  I felt much better today, more empowered rather such a victim…though I realize, I am a victim of several lines of thinking in this mess…

I’m really looking forward to taking some time off from the rat race of work…will I be able to make ends meet financially while on unemployment…probably not but I’m going to give it a try.

I’m liking the idea of going back to school to get some sort of training…even the thought of going to classes doesn’t seem as bad as it has over the last 20-years.

I started thinking about all the projects I’ve got to tackle around the house, in the house, in the garage…and you know, this might be the break that I need to get myself back on track, re-organized…just get my shit together and move forward!!!

Yes, it is scary thinking that I will be without a job in a couple of weeks…what’s even more scary is how my attitude and feelings about the office are becoming very care-free…it isn’t going to be my problem any longer…it will be THEIR problem, THEIR headaches and stomach aches!!!!

Yep, I made it through another Friday Work Day!!!!

Now, on with the weekend!!!

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