The work weeks seem interminably long these days…finally, it’s Friday!!!  I’ve had another week of emotional ups and downs.  Nothing insurmountable, just trying to hold on for the official “pink slip” ceremony.

I’ve gathered up most of my stuff from the office…I didn’t have that much, just the odds and ends that made my area “mine.”

My cube-mate is still in denial that I’m out in a couple of weeks…funny, I don’t feel a bit bad about not being there for her…in fact, I’m wanting to share with her that I know she’s been a part of all this.  Go ahead, act like you’re my friend, but the reality is, we’re all out to benefit ourselves…even at the expense of someone else.  I try not to dwell on the fact that I’m the one that is out and everyone else and their pathetic work ethic remain.  Maybe I need to adapt a more careless and reckless abandon in my work ethic, then, maybe then, I would be the one staying and someone else getting terminated.

The co-worker from Hell asked me about what was going on yesterday.  I’m sure the gal that’s been there for 30-years shared with her my demise.  Cwfh showed the appropriate horror and dismay, she offered her assistance/help to make contacts for me if I wanted a temporary something with some solo practitioners…thank you, but I’m done with law offices…though I did apply for a family law job that I saw both in the newspaper and on Craigs list…I really don’t expect to hear back…but, I applied.

Right now, I want to keep my wits about me and ride this out to termination day.  Then I will promptly go and file for unemployment and start trying to figure out what I’m going to do with myself the rest of the summer.  At the top of my list is to look into enrolling into some courses for the Fall Semester and getting myself headed in another career direction…then maybe in a couple of months, I’ll be ready to get back into the work world…or an opportunity that really appeals to me will come along.

I talked with my gal pal down in Potsboro, Texas, last night.  She’s such a sweetheart and we seem to be going through some life bumps in our lives.  She’s truly a treasured, nasty gal pal…that girl LOVES to fuck…anything to do with sex, about sex…she’s all about it!!!!  We vowed to get together later in the summer, after things have calmed down for me a bit.  I really enjoyed talking to her and listening to her troubles…funny, but listening to someone else and what they’re going through, makes my problems seem not so bad. Anyway, it was great talking to her and getting caught up.

What’s ahead for the weekend?  Good question…I’m sure one of my many house projects would be a great start…we’ll see, nothing is sounding appealing right now…not with the rest of the work-day before me.

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!!!!

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