Wednesday…The Heat Is On…

I just heard the weatherman said that the Heat Advisory issued this past weekend will expire tonight into tomorrow…there’s a slight chance of rain in the night as a “cool” front tries to push through during the wee hours…

It would be nice for the temps to take it down 10-20 degrees…though it is official, Summer is here!!!

I got a good night’s sleep…I’m trying to adjust my attitude and get around this morning.  The fears that are growing in my mind now is making it through to the end of my probation period without being asked to leave sooner.  I don’t want to quit, I would never be able to get unemployment if I quit…so, I have to be terminated…I am trying to adjust/wrap my mind around it…one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do in years!!!

I started sorting through the various websites, trying to find the legitimate government sites for grant money for education…this is going to take some time and doing…you think this site has a lot of spam and bots…well, there are hundreds for the government sites!!!

I’m hoping to find some available funding or, at least apply for some grant money to go back to school…finding a legit school is about as difficult as finding legit funding!!!

It’s going to be another scorcher…stay cool, stay safe…have a great Wednesday!!!

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