Sizzling Tuesday…

Nothing like another blistering hot summer day to get one motivated to get around this morning…the heat index is supposed to be around 105 this afternoon…not sure how great that will be to go to walking group, but I’ve come this far, so, I’ll take it easy and drink lots of water today…it’s going to be VERY HOT!!!

I’m really fighting my depression right now…nothing like knowing you’re going to loose your job in a couple of weeks and trying to figure out a decent departure…for some reason, I’m not wanting to go through the pink slip ceremony.  I’m supposed to meet with the HR today for another “review”…which to me, is a moot point at this juncture…the game has been revealed and I’m tired of jumping through the proverbial hoops…I’ll do my job but no point in giving 210% like I’ve been doing…with no hope in sight, what really is the point of going that extra mile?

My concern now is not to be outright fired…I am considering taking some vacation days the week of the termination…I guess I’ll try and discuss all this with the HR today when we meet…I do hope she’ll be a little more forthcoming with information on how we’re supposed to go forward with all this.

The buzz at the office is that there are some restructuring of secretarial assignments coming…my cube-mate got one of her associate attorneys taken from her, she was not happy and a little freaked out…I enjoyed seeing the panic in her face…I’m sure there are a lot more changes coming, especially once I’m gone…

I’ve been looking at other professions to go into…I’ve even been considering going back to school…problem is, there are bills that have to be paid…maybe I should see about applying for all that so-called O’Bama money that’s supposed to be available to folks without jobs!!!!  After all, I’m going to be going on unemployment when this job reaches the end of road.

Time to hit the shower…nothing like trying to gear-up to go into a job that doesn’t want me any more…such is the game of life!!!

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