Already Friday…

It seems like I just laid down to go to sleep and the damned alarm was going off!!!  I even slept in another hour, which means I’m way behind schedule this morning…I simply don’t care!!!

I just realized I’ll miss Saturday morning yoga due to having my granddaughter and a house full of family…maybe I’ll make it to early Sunday morning yoga which is a special session at 7:00 a.m. at the yoga instructor’s house…108 sun salutes will be done in a little over an hour to celebrate the Summer Solstice.  It sounds different and kind of fun…the gal lives in nearby Owasso, that’s the only draw back for me…about a 30-minute travel time one way.
There will also be a Sunday afternoon yoga class, I may make it to one, both or neither one!!!

I got a call from a small law firm wanting to set up an interview with me for a position.  When I say small, I’m talking 5 attorneys…I now work with over 150 attorneys, not sure I want to transition to such a small office environment…but I don’t dare NOT pursue…I just don’t know if I want to go that small…I’ve really enjoyed the bigger environment.  I’ve got to find time to call the gal back today and set something up for next week. Not only is it smaller but a big hit salary wise…I know I may not have a choice if I want to stay employed…that’s part of the frustration of it all!!!

So, there won’t be any naughty, nasty fun this weekend…kind of disappointing and then, every now and then, it can be about something else…time to get the work day underway…have a great Friday and a great weekend!!!

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