Thank goodness it’s Thursday and almost the end of the week.  I had a pretty good Wednesday, at least, I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s sensual, sexual deprivation session.  Nothing like a good “O” to relieve and release the tension/stress build-up…perhaps I need, at least, one “O” a day, though I’m thinking by and with another person, not simply by my own hand(s)…I’ll continue to think on that one…

Yes, back to reality and playing out the last 30-days of my employment probation and basically out of employment, for the time being…hopefully, I’ll find another job before the middle of July, but I’ll be fine, I’m getting my mind wrapped around it all.

It looks like my granddaughter will be coming to visit me this weekend…she will turn 4-years-old on Sunday.  Good grief, they do grow up fast!!!  I’ve got a tentative plan for our fun tomorrow night and into Saturday.  We’ll have a big family cook-out on Saturday and an incredible birthday cake, grandma is already working on it all…

So, looks like I’ll have my hands full of family this weekend…it’s looking to be a hot one from the sound of the weather report.

Time to head to the shower and get the day underway…have a good Thursday!!

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