Can’t Linger Long Tuesday…

night by the time I got home from the office and calmed down enough to start gearing to bed/sleep.

I do know that I chalked up another couple of small grievances that my attorney will be holding against me and pretty much sending me out the door if I stay at the firm to the bitter end of this last 30-days of my probation…nothing like another attorney leaving a single electronic signature line off of two different pleadings and me filing those pleadings and getting called on it by my attorney. It took every ounce of my being not to start laughing because I knew, I simply knew those two little over-sights would be counting against me!!! If that’s the worst thing I do in my online filings, that’s pretty damned minor…but not in this gal’s eyes. The bottom-line is for me to get out…get out and find a new work home, a new job…the trick will be in the timing. Timing is everything!!!

So, busy this morning, getting things organized so when I get home from walking group, I’ll be ready to get cleaned up and ready for my naughty, nasty, fun session this evening.

Have a good Tuesday…stay dray and out of harm’s way!!!

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