Monday Moping…

I could have very easily stayed in bed this morning…the rain has been coming down soft and steady…just a little more sleep…just a little more…crap, I have to go back to work today!!

At least, while I still have a job…come 7-14-10, that won’t be the case…at least, that’s what I’m preparing myself to face.  But this morning, well, I’ve about made myself sick over having to go back into the office today after being out on Friday.  I’ve got another day off scheduled for Wednesday, so all I have to do is make it through today and tomorrow, then a day off, then make it through Thursday and Friday before embracing another weekend.

I got a lot of thinking done this weekend…I’ve got to move forward and get my life back…I can’t keep living in fear of getting fired…I simply have to find another job…or a rich husband!!!

I usually don’t have a problem heading to the office when it’s raining like this…I don’t feel like I’m missing anything when it’s all wet outside…sunny, not days, make it more difficult to be trapped indoors, working…again, where’s that rich man in my life to make all these financial woes go away?????

Okay, another cup of coffee and I’ll be awake enough to get it together and get this work day underway.

Have a good Monday!!!

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