Sunny Sunday!

Another hot, sunny, summer Sunday!!  I’ve got a lot to tackle today…well, any day that I’m not at the office, I’ve got a lot to tackle around my house, both inside and outside.  Isn’t that the joy of home ownership?

I’m looking forward to this next week…having made a decision to move on and find a new job has given me some calm but is VERY scary…I’m hopeful but not too optimistic.  I’m looking forward to meeting with the job placement gal on Wednesday afternoon.

I’m liking that I’ve got some time-off to burn…I’m not one that takes off of work for the pure Hell of it but Friday, it just made sense to take some “me” time!!!  My ex-hubby was always telling me how I continually thought of only myself and never anyone else…funny, I’ve always found myself worn out from trying to please everyone…but these days, it’s all about ME!!!

I’ve got a sensual, sensory deprivation session scheduled with an out-of-town friend on Tuesday evening…I’m REALLY looking forward to helping him realize some of his sexual fantasies…while I enjoy all aspects of my Domination, the sensual, sensory deprivation is one of my favorites.  Something about having a man chained, spread-eagle to my bed, naked and unable to see what I’m about to do to him, just makes me smile and tingling between my legs!!!

I am finding myself wanting to meet a new e-mail friend in person…the more we correspond, the more I want to meet him.  I even started thinking about how wonderful it will be to get naked with him and explore and experience sexual delights.  Every now and then, I guess you could call it a meeting of the minds…if you seduce my mind, my body will follow…there’s an affinity there with this man…I’m hoping to realize the “live and in person” version of him soon, very soon!!!

Perhaps now that I’m making a conscientious move in the employment area my naughty, nasty desires and thoughts will begin to return and I’ll feel more like getting out and about…for some reason, the idea of socializing has been the last thing on my mind.  I have no desire to set a meet and greet or any type of get together…for the time being, I’m perfectly content to sit behind the computer and let everyone else take the reigns in that regard.  I just have been through too much personally, to want to put myself out there right now.  I’ll continue to be supportive and work behind the scenes, but participating, probably not…I’m just in a place where that appeals to me right now.

Time for another cup of coffee and decide which direction I’m going to go today…or at least, start out.

Have a great Sunday and a better week ahead!!

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