Now What?

I was up before the alarm…amazing how easy it is to get up when the crisis is immediate and in your face!!!  I was able to sleep, though I don’t know how restful it was…now the fun really begins, 30-days till I’m no longer employed…at least, at this employer.

I’m a proactive, take the bull-by-the-horns kind of gal, so there is no such thing as not preparing myself.  A fellow blogger gave me some very good advice when I first started this employment probation journey and I took her advice and got my resume updated, new business and personal references…so the resume has been updated and even sent to one placement agency.

I’ve filled out online applications to several other potential jobs…we’ll see…things happen for a reason and I’ve got to approach all of this with some positive instead of dwelling on the negative.

I’m trying to get over the initial disappointment that it is inevitable that I’m leaving this job and this firm.  I’m a bit heart-broken but that’s what I get for placing folks on a pedestal and thinking that they truly are deserving of the respect and awe that I give them.  I’ve been so disappointed over the last 10-years…these people are just that, people, fallible human beings with faults, just like everyone else.

So, time for the chapter in my life to come to a close…time for the next chapter to begin…I wish I felt better about it all but time will take care of that…so, now what?

Right now, I’ve got plenty of time-off saved up that I can easily take off if and when I have any interviews…I can take some days off just for the hellofit, not to mention, I still have 2-weeks of vacation…right now, the 5-days of time-off that I wouldn’t get paid for if I left the job tomorrow, have to be used up.  Guess I’ll be taking some of those days off here in the next couple of weeks…

Stay tuned…

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