Hump Day – Wednesday

Another round of storms is rolling in this morning…makes it difficult to know if it is still night or turning day…these clouds are really dark and the air is very heavy with humidity. The storms should be hitting here within the hour…which means that the drive to work will be a bit precarious.

Still no review at the office…I dug in and was busy, not too busy so I could go to my walking group yesterday evening. It was HOTHOTHOT, but I had prepared adequately enough…I still had a bit of a heat headache when I went to bed, but that soon subsided as I cooled down even more upon laying down.

The sunburn I got on Sunday is calming down…keeping enough lotion on it to keep it from itching is proving to be a chore but for the most part, the red is softening…yesterday’s walking group probably aggravated it a bit but for the most part I think I might avoid the blisters and peeling that come with a sunburn.

My cube-mate has a full blown summer cold!! This causes me no end of stress…though I’m trying to keep my frustration and disgust of not being able to spray Lysol on everything…I’ve been using my Zicam swabs and drinking plenty of fluids…washing my hands every change I get…I just don’t want to get sick…I don’t want to have to schedule around a stuffy nose…hopefully, I’m keeping myself in good enough health that my own body will be able to fight off the germs!! I definitely don’t want to have to work my nasty schedule around being sick!!!

Time to get moving along…have a great Hump Day!!!

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