Finally Saturday!!!

I find myself relishing Saturdays and yes, Sundays…though I am having a difficult time adjusting to not having Dad on the other end of the phone line or making plans to go visit him or Dad coming to visit me here in Tulsa…it is so strange not to have Mom and Dad around, just knowing that they were there to call and catch up on what is going on in my life or what’s going on in their lives…it will take time…I just find myself missing them both.

I’ve got so many projects around the house, I hardly know where to begin…I get that overwhelmed, chaotic thing going and I just wander from room-to-room trying to figure out what I want to start.  Then I get to thinking of what it would be like to give a tour of my house in the current state it is in…OMG, that would be incredibly horrific with the state of confusion I have things in…no real organization to anything…has that been what my life has been like the last 6-months?

I’ve got to pull it all together…get things situated and organized and yes, get rid of stuff if it doesn’t “fit” into any particular room or theme I’ve got going on…and then my mind heads out to the yard…is it dry enough to mow…is it too hot to get the yard work done?  If I get it all done before noon, I can cool off and tackle the inside projects this afternoon…

I am planning on taking a drive out to the landscape store…or whatever it is called.  This place has commercials on TV that they have yard art of all manners and kinds, river rocks of every size, shape and color…a veritable oasis of everything for the yard and patio…I HAVE to go out and price some of their medium-sized round river rocks for the area around my water fountain on the patio right off of my bedroom…I’ve got a mental vision of what it will look like with the right kind of rock covering the bare ground…it is too shady for most plants so there is nothing but dirt/mud around the fountain…

Time for another cup of coffee and then switching to my Vitamin Water to keep the right fluids and such in my hydration…

I’m trying to think of something diabolical to do to my “dinner date” this evening…it is difficult to talk “naughty and nasty” to a man that’s hard of hearing without offending others at nearby tables…if I REALLY liked this guy, that would be one thing, but I endure and yes, tolerate his company, especially when he treats me to a “vanilla” type dinner date…at least, I get a nice meal at my favorite restaurant…for some reason, I’ve been craving steak and lobster…

More to come/cum…

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