Are We There, Yet?

Today seemed like the longest work day, EVER!!!!  I had a pretty ugly, emotionally draining morning…feelings of insecurities of how I’m doing on the job finally got to me this morning and I basically found myself trying my best to hold it together until noon.

Nothing like a few e-mails to set the mood for the day…ridiculous, socially, challenged brainiacs tend to push things farther than they realize…or maybe that was just what was intended.

I think I got a good handle on things on my desk…who knows…I’m about to the point where I simply don’t care…what will I do for a living?  Dear GAWD, I really don’t want to think about getting another job in this economy!!!

I am physically and mentally drained…I don’t know where to begin my weekend…what do I want to do…right now, I want to go get ready for bed, climb up in my bed and mindless watch TV…there’s really nothing good on…and I don’t want to go out and rent movies…though I’d love to see Alice In Wonderland with Johnny Depp…nope, I’m just too tired to make the run to Blockbuster…I’m in for the night.

I’ll just have to see what I have in my own DVD collection and settle…

I did go ahead and schedule a “dinner” date with one of my submissives…there will be a token gift for honoring him with my presence tomorrow evening at one of my favorite restaurants here in Tulsa…I love the quaint high-backed leather booths, table cloths…the menu is always incredible…yes, it will be fun to be mean to him in a room full of people that know him and his significant other…amazing how the mice will play when the cat is away!!!!

It’s supposed to be a hot’ol day tomorrow…I may try and go to yoga tomorrow and then tackle getting my bedroom ready to paint…

Off to bed I go…yes, we’re there…we finally reached the end of the work day and the beginning of the weekend!!!!

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