Liking It Rough…

I’m not a brutal woman, but there are times when my diabolical thoughts take me to places I didn’t realize were within me.

Don’t get me wrong, my BDSM, Dominant/submissive experiences have covered a wide spectrum of skills and abilities…last night, I enjoyed administering some physical torture which even found me trying to pull the guy’s cock off!!! (OUCH!!!) Which only fueled us both forward…onward…I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was turned on more than I thought I would be…

I loved seeing how his body danced under the abuse of my arms and hands…I didn’t put everything I had into the swats and blows but my mind was jumping from, oh this worked nicely, now, let’s push the envelope further…

I tried to pinch his nipples off…the more pain to the nipples, the more he enjoyed it…could the neighbors here…I didn’t give it a second thought…nothing like having a cinched up, naked, male submissive with a butt plug inserted, complete with bondage hood, dancing on one’s coffee table to make for an interesting session!!!!

I the frustrations that I’ve cycled through so many times the past 30-days, lightening up their hold on me…administering the torture to the point of loud shouts of pain, groans and grunts, the pain melting into pleasure…it was all good for me…where does it come from? How does the diabolical find it’s way to the surface?

Oh sure, there’s more there, much more laying down in deep in there somewhere…I’ll keep calling upon it, bringing it to the surface and enjoying it, learning how to use it to benefit myself…oh, yes, and to benefit the poor sucker that enjoys that kind of kinky, sex play!!!

One of my most favorite moments? That’s when the cock-meat belongs to me and I make it give up the load of cum boiling in the man’s balls!!! To watch that cock squirt several times, spewing forth that creamy reward, seeing the mess that is made in my hands, by my hands…smeared on the belly and body of my subject, yes, that’s a fabulous reward!!!

And so, with a sore cock and balls, as well as sore nipples and a sore ass-hole/man-pussy…last night’s subject left with a smile upon his lips!!!


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