Heading To The Movies…

I can’t stand it, I bought a ticket online for Sex And The City 2.  I’m headed out to go and watch the movie, by myself.  For some reason, the thought of going to the movie, getting some buttered popcorn and a Diet D.P., maybe a chocolate candy treat just sounds so damned good!!!

Now, dressing to go see this movie proved to be a little more difficult than I first planned.  I decided to go with a light-weight long sleeve wild colored top, matching jewelry and some shoes that are fairly comfortable to walk to and from the car to the theater without too much discomfort.  Then I remembered there will more than likely be stairs to climb…okay, so I’ve got the right pair of sexy sandals…

I’m all set…I think I’ll even be able to stay awake!!!  That’s one of the hardest thing about me and watching a movie…if I get still for very long, I’m liable to doze off…but not tonight!!  I’ve been so psyched for this sequel…yes, I’m a HUGE fan of the HBO series (I own all the seasons and the first movie)…I’ll own this movie when it comes out on DVD.

The holiday weekend is off and running…catch’ya later!!

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