Something In The Works…

I’ve been told by a couple of male submissives that I have a diabolic, sadistic imagination.  Over the past few months, I haven’t really indulged my kinky proclivities to the level I’m used to doing…just haven’t had the right mind-set or thought process…

Slowly but surely, those creative, diabolical thoughts are coming back…I consider it a “cycling” of sorts.  I see it in those that come/cum to me on a somewhat regular basis.  The concept makes sense and I apply it to all areas of life…

So, tonight, I wasn’t feeling good enough to get out in the heat for walking group.  I decided what the Hell, a submissive that is new to me has a window of opportunity and wants to submit himself to some cock and ball torture, nipple torture, some anal training…why not?  I need to work through some of my frustrations…why not on a man stripped naked and placed in chains????

In fact, I’ve got two more willing subjects that are plotting and planning their upcoming sessions…one wants to explore the sensual, sensory deprivation session and the other…well, the other wants to be spanked/whipped to tears over and over again, as many times as I can manage in an hour’s time!

Not only does he want to be spanked to tears…he wants to be “hot sauced!”  I’ll go into more detail as I find the time to share…right now, I’m preparing for a rough romp with a new more extreme submissive…should be interesting to say the least.

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