Wednesday, Hump Day!!!

Yes, another Wednesday…the last Wednesday of the month of May, the day after my birthday. No, I don’t have any Hump Day plans today or this evening…just another middle of the work week day for this gal!!!

I had a good birthday. There were a handful of people at the office that remembered it was my birthday…my paralegal, one of the floating secretaries that I’ve been a friend to when she’s needed an ear to bend…my bestest lunch buddy. The firm always gives a rose bud to the person who has a birthday, man, woman, support staff…I don’t think the attorneys get a rose bud, but the paralegals do…I got taken to lunch by my bestest lunch buddy and floater secretary.

The married, share-holder, attorney that was responsible for getting me my job at this firm, sent me two birthday wishes via the “intranet” at the office…GOOD GRIEF!! A discreet affair is supposed to be just that…not that I have all that much to loose, but GOOD GRIEF!!! Not only did he send me two e-mails directly from his office computer to MY office computer, he also did a walk-by when his office is on another floor, at the opposite end of the building!! It’s been months since we fucked…and I contemplated hitting him up for a pair of Ralph Lauren sandals that are currently on-sale…which I’m still trying to decide if I should hit him up for them or just buy them myself…amazing what a man will do when he’s craving good pussy!!! (Yes, I think I’m good pussy and worth every fabulous gift that I ask for and receive!!!)

I made it to walking training at 5:30 p.m. and let me tell you, it was one hot, damned hour!!! I will definitely need to hydrate more during the day to be able to handle walking in the heat for an hour twice a week!!! My right shin started out burning, even though I warmed up properly and didn’t stop burning until 3/4 of the walk!! I’m thinking of getting another good pair of walking shoes, Asics, to go back and forth to see if that helps the cranky shins!!! I stretched out really well after the walk and then couldn’t wait to get to my car and turn up the A/C!!!

I had a moment on my way home when I started to call my dad and tell him about my walk…which led to a “mini” breakdown complete with tears!!! The first birthday without either parent…I realized what my brother had been saying about it being a little rougher this first time…I miss my mommy and daddy!!!

I made it home, recovered from my “mini” breakdown to find a dozen Sterling Roses from a dear friend!!! He actually remembered I LOVE Sterling Roses!!! For those that don’t know what a Sterling Rose is…it is a lavender colored rose, so fragrant and perfect!!! I’ve only received them one other time and that dear friend has long been gone out of my life…what a fabulous birthday surprise!!!

I heard from both my sons, my brother and my sister. I made it through the day…

One of the best gifts I received, which all the gifts were unexpected and fabulous!!! One gift shined pretty brightly besides the Sterling Roses…that was the Sex And The City 2 book about the new movie coming out at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday). I started thumbing through it, wooing and cooing over the shoes and fashions that will be in this movie…my cube-mate was blown away as I would comment on the Manolo Blahniks or the Christian Louboutins, as well as several other fabulous shoes designers that will be in the movie…do I own a pair of any of those fabulous designer shoes…no, but if someone wanted to buy or send me a pair, I’d be all about it!!! Lust from afar is what it is about for me!!! I’ll stick to the shoes I can wear to work everyday or with the perfect work outfits…such is the life and lusts of a shoe whore!!!

I took a cool shower to try and get the redness of the heat from my walk out of my cheeks…I had agreed to meet a friend for a burger…I originally thought I wanted a steak and lobster dinner but after such a grueling, heated walk, I could only eat half of a jalapeno burger at Chili’s…then it dawned on me that last night was the season Finale of The Good Wife, so I HAD to get home to watch that…of course, can’t miss The Hills and The City…which come on MTV for repeat performances at 10:00 and 10:30 p.m.

I’m giving some thought to staying up tonight and going to the Sex And The City 2 premier at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday)…I’m wondering if I could stay awake through the movie and still be able to get my ass out of bed tomorrow morning, not to mention be able to function enough to make it to walking group tomorrow evening…that would be a pretty big outing for me…so, I’ll continue to think on it!!!

Yes, I had a good birthday…struggled a little but made it!!!

Now, to make it through this grueling work week…I’m covered up busy and feel as though I’m drowning in work…the head paralegal has been in one bitchy mood so avoiding disaster with her has been an interesting task the last couple of days!!!

Time to hit the shower and get the day moving along!!! Happy Hump Day!!!

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