Monday, Monday…

I’m trying to get my bearings so I can get in the shower…I overslept big time this morning!!!  I’m emotionally exhausted this morning.  It was harder than I am willing to admit, out-loud after going to that the empty house that was once my parents’ home, once my home.  It’s just a house, but it was home for over 30-years.  Crazy, but the emotions that flooded through me yesterday afternoon…well, what is done is done.


Tomorrow is my birthday…it will be like any other day…I have to work and I’m a bit pissy because I didn’t take this week off from work like I’ve done the last couple of years…I’ll take off later in the summer unless I find another job and then I’ll just make sure I take a week off in-between.

Have as good a Monday as you can have!!!

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