Today is a beautiful, sunny Saturday. The temps have jumped up and are now in the mid-80s…it is supposed to top out around 90. I’ve closed all the windows and doors and have the AC on…in spite of my efforts, the electric bill came in with an additional “deposit” tacked onto it…I’m going to be looking into that nonsense come Monday…the actual bill was $70.00 and then a $70.00 addition to a $210 deposit was added, WTF????? I don’t like to be forced into paying more than I want to pay…especially heading into the highest electric usage months!!!!

I made it to Saturday morning yoga class, I always feel so damned good after all that stretching and sweating…now, I’m preparing to head outside and get started on my yard work, planting flowers and trimming up my hedges…tomorrow will be spent rounding up my stuff from my parents’ house and indulging in some cake and ice-cream with my youngest brother and his family for his birthday tomorrow. My brother is nine-years younger than I am. His birthday is the 23rd and mine is the 25th. He was an incredible birthday present as I was turning 9-years-old. I still remember how excited I was when Mom and Dad brought him home.

Time to get with it…more to come/cum…

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