The Birthday Wish List…

Those that follow my blog know that I’m a list maker…I haven’t been in a “list” frame of mind lately but I have been doing a little mental listing for my up-coming birthday next week.

Yes, Tuesday, May 25th is my birthday.  I’ll be slaving away at the office, no vacation week for this ol’gal…not with the current job-probation period going on.

Moving the “mental” Birthday Wish List onto the screen…I don’t have any expectations this year…there are several things I would love to receive…the reality, I can’t even buy myself any of these items due to my current financial restrictions…self-imposed in hopes of making myself financially responsible and extremely solvent by the time I reach 60-years-of-age!!!   (BTW, I’m turning 52-years-old this birthday!!!)

The Birthday Wish List:

The Stefanie Coach High-Heeled Sandal (both black and tan)
A Pair of Coach Sunglasses for some glam

The Inflatable Sex Lounger:

A thin crust pepperoni pizza
Strawberry Shortcake Birthday cake from Queenies (A local eatery here in Tulsa)

Hanging baskets of petunias (red and purple)

That’s the list thus far…more to come…

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