Finally Friday!!!

It looks as though it’s going to be an incredibly beautiful day!!!  The temps are in the low 50s right now with the high to be in the 80s today.  I’m debating whether or not to turn on the AC so if the house gets up to 77 degrees, it will kick on.  I don’t want the house all hot when I come home from work but I don’t want the AC to run when it isn’t needed or it isn’t all that hot outside.

I don’t know why I’m on such a kick to keep my electric bill down right now other than I’ll have the AC on 24/7 when the temps start staying above 70 degrees at night outside!!

Things are pretty quiet at the office this week.  My main attorney was back in the office on Tuesday afternoon.  We’ve been getting along pretty well and who knows how things really stand?  I’ve been getting tons of work done on top of getting more work put on me…I can’t help but think my cube-mate and the pregnant gal had something to do with getting me put on probation…which is really interesting because I don’t talk on the phone all day long like the two of them do…I’m not on Facebook all day long like they are…I don’t know, just is frustrating to know that they are getting away with much more substantial crap than I’ve ever pulled.

I made it to walking group Tuesday and Wednesday…I’ve got to get an honor walk in over the weekend…I’m pushing to make it to yoga tomorrow morning (Saturday) morning…which I have been sleeping like a log this week…waking up before the alarm but not motivated enough to get dressed and go do a walk early in the morning…that will come, just have to ease into it.

Nothing much really planned this weekend other than to tend to the yard, get some of my flowers planted that I bought a couple of weeks ago…I’m hoping to make a trip to get some of the furniture I need to start working on to refinish for my “Diva Closet” which is what my middle bedroom will be once I get the queen-sized bed out of it…it will be totally and completely dedicated to my clothes, shoes and accessories!!

Time to hit the shower and get this Friday under-way!! Have a good Friday and a better weekend!

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